Official Baxter sofas Milan Dealer

Baxter is the excellence of the sofas leather made.
Sleek and modern, the Baxter sofa provides comfortable seating and style simultaneously.
Attention to detail is emphasized through every aspect of the Baxter brand.
Baxter is a contemporary Italian luxury brand devoted to the highest level of detail and craftsmanship.
Furniture in the Baxter range includes many classic sofa and accessory designs as well as several new, modern approaches to classic styles.

Relax in style with the Baxter range!

  • Baxter Budapest
  • Baxter Housse
  • Baxter Diana Chester
  • Baxter Chester Moon
  • Baxter Alfred
  • Baxter Sellerina
  • Baxter Rocking Housse
  • Baxter Charlotte
  • Baxter Amburgo
  • Baxter Berlino
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