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Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British brand manufacturing lighting systems and valuable design furniture.

Committed to innovation and with the mission of revitalise the British furniture industry, Tom Dixon launches and designs new collections every year.

The offer involves exploring light and the future of lighting using the most advanced technologies and materials taken from the words of engineering and nature and then connect them to carefully designed inner gears. A masterpiece of aesthetical design is the result where elegance and functionality live together.

Branched worldwide in over 60 Countries, Tom Dixon plays an important role in many art and museum exhibitions.

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Extraordinary Tom Dixon Project at London Design Festival

From 15 to 23 September, the Tom Dixon brand is participating in the London Design Festival, an annual event celebrating design that attracts visitors from all over the…

New Black, Grey and Blue Finishes for Tom Dixon Lamps

In April, Tom Dixon launched an expansion of the its range of finishes with new shades of fresher, more intense colours. The result was a rigorous application of the…

Tom Dixon Furnishings in Seoul

In October, Tom Dixon organised its first exhibition in Seoul, Korea. The event was held at a concept store located in the city's creative district, which hosts a…

Tom Dixon and Chocolatier Maison Pierre Marcolini

The luxury furniture brand Tom Dixon has collaborated with the famous Parisian chocolatier Maison Pierre Marcolini to create an exclusive set called "London Brick", a new…

Showcased product: Base Floor Light, Base Table Light, Base Wall Light, Fade Pendant, Flash, Melt Copper, Melt Table, Plane Chandelier, Plane Round, Plane Triangle, Scoop High Chair, Spun Champagne Bucket, Spun Short Table, Wingback Chair, Wingback Sofa

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