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Design Armchairs Catalogue

Look through our online catalogue filled with design armchairs that are ideal for completing your living room or bedroom furnishing scheme. You can find armchairs suitable for any context and taste with extravagant shapes, cosy seats and an iconic design. Our offers include the most significant pieces from the best brands on the international design panorama, such as Cassina, B&B Italia, Living Divani, Knoll, Poltrona Frau and Moooi. Choosing a luxury armchair means adding a touch of style and personality to your home, and opting for a product that demonstrates the fundamental importance of quality raw materials and excellent craftsmanship. Browse through the Bredaquaranta online catalogue to easily pick out the product that you want. Talk to our team of designers directly to find the best solution for you and then have it shipped directly to your home, anywhere in the world.

Giorgetti Alina Ready to ship Alina
Special offer: € 1.282 -40%
Giorgetti All Around Ready to ship All Around
Special offer: € 7.186 -50%
Black Tie Amelia Ready to ship Amelia
Black Tie
Special offer: € 1.860 -40%
Malerba Antibes Ready to ship Antibes
Special offer: € 3.089 -40%
Poltrona Frau Arabesque Ready to ship Arabesque
Poltrona Frau
Pricelist: € 6.283
Ask for our special offer
Giorgetti Barry Ready to ship Barry
Special offer: € 3.051 -50%
CPRN Homood BLUE MOON Ready to ship BLUE MOON
CPRN Homood
Special offer: € 1.874 -40%
Giorgetti Clip Ready to ship Clip
Special offer: € 4.232 -40%
Living Divani Confident Ready to ship Confident
Living Divani
Special offer: € 979 -40%
CPRN Homood Dragonfly Ready to ship Dragonfly
CPRN Homood
Special offer: € 2.922 -50%
CPRN Homood Dragonfly Ready to ship Dragonfly
CPRN Homood
Special offer: € 2.567 -50%
Giorgetti Elisa Ready to ship Elisa
Special offer: € 1.629 -40%
Giorgetti Elsa Ready to ship Elsa
Special offer: € 3.653 -30%
Baxter Etienne Bergère Ready to ship Etienne Bergère
Special offer: € 3.641 -40%
Giorgetti Eva Ready to ship Eva
Special offer: € 3.815 -50%
Giorgetti Gea Small Armchair Ready to ship Gea Small Armchair
Special offer: € 1.645 -40%
Rugiano Giotto Ready to ship Giotto
Special offer: € 1.430 -50%
Rugiano Giotto Ready to ship Giotto
Special offer: € 1.285 -50%
Black Tie Giulia swivel Ready to ship Giulia swivel
Black Tie
Special offer: € 2.281 -40%
Liu Jo Living Collection Guest Ready to ship Guest
Liu Jo Living Collection
Special offer: € 1.044 -30%
B&B Italia Harbor Ready to ship Harbor
B&B Italia
Special offer: € 1.721 -40%
Giorgetti Hug Ready to ship Hug
Special offer: € 5.069 -40%
Trussardi Larzia Ready to ship Larzia
Pricelist: € 5.356
Ask for our special offer
Malerba Marlowe Ready to ship Marlowe
Special offer: € 2.594 -40%
Giorgetti Move Ready to ship Move
Special offer: € 9.511 -40%
Giorgetti Normal Ready to ship Normal
Special offer: € 3.296 -40%
Giorgetti Opus Ready to ship Opus
Special offer: € 2.525 -40%
Malerba Perfect Time Ready to ship Perfect Time
Special offer: € 2.846 -50%
Rugiano Perla Ready to ship Perla
Special offer: € 1.425 -50%
Giorgetti Progetti Blossom Ready to ship Progetti Blossom
Special offer: € 2.206 -40%
Cappellini Proust Ready to ship Proust
Special offer: € 6.610 -40%
Giorgetti Ripple Ready to ship Ripple
Special offer: € 2.291 -40%
Bentley Home Rugby Ready to ship Rugby
Bentley Home
Pricelist: € 11.444
Ask for our special offer
Cassina Soriana Ready to ship Soriana
Pricelist: € 4.008
Ask for our special offer
Giorgetti Springer Ready to ship Springer
Special offer: € 3.183 -40%
CPRN Homood Starlight Ready to ship Starlight
CPRN Homood
Special offer: € 2.577 -40%
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