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Vanity Fair Limited Edition Poltrona Frau

Brand: Poltrona Frau

Designer: Renzo Frau

Dimension: 94x91 H99 cm

The Vanity Fair Limited Edition armchair expresses the world of adults and the essence of Poltrona Frau elegance. The armchair is made with special upholstery in Pelle Frau® Nubuck Seppia, which is exclusively developed by Poltrona Frau and inspired by the tones of Sicilian tuff rock and the ancient Arabic settlements on the island.

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Discover the Poltrona Frau World

Renzo Frau founded “Poltrona Frau” in Turin in 1912. His company immediately became known for its production of armchairs inspired by French and central European furnishing styles. Success came…

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