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METTITUTTO Annibale Colombo

Ready to ship

Brand: Annibale Colombo

Dimensions: cm 76.8 x 35 x h192

Ready to Ship: displayed in our showroom

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The ‘’Mettitutto’’ piece, which in Italian means ''Put everything'' was designed by a renowned Italian Architect Stefano Boeri. This piece of furniture was his first try in the design world. Together with Luciano Colombo they formed an immediate connection and understanding and thus was born ‘’Mettitutto’’. As the name already suggests ‘’Mettitutto’’ is designed to accommodate all kinds of every day pieces like phones, wallets, keys, business cards even some clothing items and so on. The rotating base allows the piece to be placed anywhere in the room and it can be completed with even more containers or hangers. The Piece is covered in black leather on the outside with tanganica wood inside and makassar ebony shelves and drawers and it has LED lighting that can be changed to 4 different levels of brightness and a USB port built in.

Technical drawings and Product sheet

Technical drawings Product sheet (3.16 MB)

Pricelist: € 19.676


Special offer € 11.806

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