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Miro Driade

Brand: Driade

Designer: Francesco Bolis

Dimensions: cm 135 x 2.5 x h200

Materials: Structure made up of three MDF panels, covered on one side in extra-clear mirror mm. 5 / 0.19 "silver with digital print, on the other in black laminate.

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Photography and design are closely related disciplines. How many wonderful objects have we actually known more through their image than through a direct fruition relationship? In this case, however, the story is different: a photographer becomes a designer to bring his visions of the world into the homes of many. In particular one, the Vittorio Emanuele gallery, which has been an emblem for Milan since Mengoni conceived it in 1865. But how can a photograph be transformed into an object? For example, by inserting it in a screen-work which, unexpectedly, on the rear front offers a mirror: a "triptych" mirror with which to perceive our whole figure, as it once was in tailors.

Technical drawings and Product sheet

Technical drawings

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