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Reiwa + Miyabi Giorgetti

Ready to ship

Brand: Giorgetti

Dimensions: cm 130 x 310 x h269

Ready to Ship: displayed in our showroom

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Reiwa + Miyabi walk in closet is composed of 3 elements. 2 Miyabi closets and 1 Reiwa walk in closet module. The doors on the closets are in glass. One closet is composed of 6 shelves while the other has a chest of drawrs on the base, top shelf and a clothes hanger tube underneath. The wooden pieces and panels are in grey ash with LED lightning illuminating the shelves.

Technical drawings and Product sheet

Technical drawings MIYABI (679.57 kB)REIWA (172.95 kB)

Pricelist: € 82.868


Special offer € 49.721

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