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Almendra Organic Flos

Brand: Flos

Product category: Flos Suspension Lamps

Designer: Patricia Urquiola

Availability: On request

The Almendra Organic pendant lamp by designer Patricia Urquiola for the Flos range is iconic owing to its minimalist, linear aesthetic.

The designer's revitalized and contemporary outlook on life is reflected in this piece of furniture, which merges cutting-edge design with cutting-edge technology to bring a sense of modernism and outstanding functionality to the modern home.

Edge Lighting technology, which employs light sources mounted around the frame's periphery rather than at the back, is responsible for producing evenly dispersed illumination. The diffusers may be turned by around 60°, allowing for precise control over where the light can be focused. Different dimmable or push-button light intensity control systems are made possible by the electronic power supply system installed in the ceiling fastener.

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