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Rossana Dealer – Milan - Italy

Rossana kitchens dealer

A leading brand in the luxury kitchen sector, Rossana was founded in the 1950s. It got its name from the designer Giancarlo Iliprandi, who designed a kitchen by the same name that was a smashing success for the brand.

Known as the "kitchens of the heart", Rossana kitchens stand out for their surprising features of design, quality and technology and for this reason, they are seen by other industry leaders as an example to follow.

The entire collection is characterised by the high quality of the natural materials used, all of which undergo specific processes, and for the fact that these kitchens are made to last, unlike most of the other products produced by the modern furnishing industry.

The brand has helped write the history of Italian design, and its affirmation on the market was made possible by great attention to detail and a high level of customisation; two characteristics that have always allowed the brand to satisfy discerning customers. Rossana Kitchens can be equipped with a wide range of articles and components, able to interact between pieces and offer a high level of design options. This is how it is possible for the brand to develop particular creations, tailored to the customer, in specific environments.

The Rossana collection also includes kitchens designed for outdoor use, such as the K-IN and K-OUT series, which include two types of aesthetically identical kitchens that can be used indoors and outdoors in continuity.

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Rossana Milano

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Phone: +39 02 82873675
e-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.rossanamilano.it

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