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Rossana Dealer – Milan - Italy

Rossana kitchens dealer

Design Kitchens Made in Italy

Rossana has been a leading producers of design kitchens since the 1960s. The brand gets its name from Giancarlo Iliprandi, who designed the kitchen by the same name that kicked off its success. His motto is “kitchens that conquer your heart”. This was the founder’s dream, and the company’s current path: the quest to create kitchens with high quality and technology standards that can make people fall in love with them every day, every time they are used.

In fact, Rossana kitchens are created to last for years: their design and construction are done with meticulous attention to detail and careful study of the customer’s needs in order to create high quality kitchens that are personalised like a tailor made suit. This is why Rossana kitchens are destined for an evolved clientèle: people who are able to appreciate the flexibility and painstaking attention that goes into systems like these.

Each model is custom designed for each space, no matter whether it is small or large. Designers can put all of their creativity to work, and they have the freedom to try out ideas and innovate thanks to the infinite customisation possibilities and the excellent quality of materials available.Materials are the basis of any creation, to satisfy both stylistic and qualitative requirements.

Artisan expertise and industrial techniques are combined in the production process to obtain a solid configuration, done with cutting-edge processes, guaranteed by constant quality control. The entire process is aimed at obtaining the best results from the material, and anticipating the contemporary living needs around the globe.

Kitchens that conquer your heart

Massimo Castagna, internationally acclaimed designer, is responsible for most of the Rossana Kitchens.
TU23 is a system of columns that can be applied to all products in the range. The cabinets have a greater than average depth. The doors can be hinged, sliding, flush or retracting, and it is possible to choose different materials for the external and internal parts. This system offers accessories for many uses, including laundry rooms, pantries, broom closets, utility rooms and wine cellars. TU23 Architectural is a system that blends perfectly with the architecture of the kitchen to complete the building structure. It integrates with components to optimise every space for different uses.

Rossana Kitchen TU23

HD23 is a dynamic contemporary project, where, the base units have low skirting in order to increase capacity. Each component can be made of different materials and woods to maximise functionality and potential. They can be combined with the bases to guarantee a wide range of custom solutions.

Rossana Kitchen HD23

HT50 is a refined minimal kitchen that offers many configurations and can adapt to almost any room. The almost invisible thickness of the top makes HT50 extremely innovative and contemporary. The use of the latest technologies and advanced materials enhances the tailored aspect of Rossana, allowing for a high degree of personalisation.

Rossana Kitchen HT50

TK38 is a professional kitchen that supersedes the concept of steel as a feature of the kitchens of great chefs. The cabinets can be floor-standing or suspended, produced to fit the standards of professional kitchens where steel is replaced with a wide range of materials. The high value of design can bring forth a product that does not sacrifice construction and functional quality, but also offers originality, innovation and great technological value.

Rossana Kitchen TK38

W75 is an essential kitchen where finishes and materials contribute to produce great elegance and quality. The doors underscore the quality of the materials used with their invisible opening under the top. The door fronts extend to the top of skirting and their reduced thickness is noteworthy. Available in quartz, steel or Corian, the kitchen worktop can easily be matched with all available finishes.

Rossana Kitchen W75

K-IN and K-OUT are two different contemporary kitchen projects with identical aesthetics but different construction characteristics due to their destinations: one for indoor use and the other for outdoor use. The suspended model comprises a single island block in stone or wood that conceals workspaces under its sliding worktop. The top cover is moved electrically, and it allows the user to hide the hob and exhaust hood under a large snack table top. These kitchens have been carefully designed to guarantee the highest level of performance in the different collocations. The wood structure is perfect for indoors, and the steel version for outdoors.

Rossana Kitchen K-In K-out

DC10 designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis, is a system that completely abandons the concept of the traditional kitchen. The island components are completely made to measure for the end user, and do not include the use of wall-mounted cabinets or other cabinets. The doors in brushed burnished bronze and the incredible interiors convey a sense of warmth and luxury. They are able to blend in completely with the living room furnishings. This kitchen completely reinterprets the old concepts, bringing about an intense project of contemporary design in which technology and customisation make DC10 a real masterpiece.

Rossana Kitchen DC10

ISØLA is a project created by Carlo Colombo that involves revisiting a famous kitchen model originally issued in the 1960s. This kitchen appears as a single block in which forms and materials intersect to form elegant and highly functional operative areas. Wood, steel and marble combine to form custom-built kitchens that can be matched with a system of open columns that increment its functionality. Isøla is an open kitchen, ideal for installation in an open space because it is able to communicate with the surrounding environment and adapt to the rest of the furnishing scheme.

Rossana Kitchen Isola

Come see it and find out more information at the Rossana Flagship Store in Via Filippo Turati 6, Milan. The architects from Bredaquaranta can understand and interpret your needs and desires in the best possible way to provide you with a unique and fully personalized custom built kitchen.

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