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Poltrona Frau Meets Ferrari

Poltrona Frau, in collaboration with Ferrari, is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the renowned automobile company by presenting a new piece at the Salone del Mobile in Shanghai: Cockpit is an innovative office chair resulting from the combination of car manufacturing know-how and lifestyle culture.

Cockpit is the meeting point between the collective imaginations of two excellent Italian companies, a contemporary hybrid chair, which is neither an automotive accessory nor a furniture piece of pure design. Instead, it could be described as a new type of object that translates dreams into reality, taking the emotional context, sense of speed and passion for racing from the concept of the pilot's seat. It is a combination of aesthetic beauty and ergonomic perfection.

The chair was conceived by the team of designers led by Flavio Manzoni, who designed the latest Ferrari cars, and made by Poltrona Frau, which has used excellent craftsmanship developed in over one hundred years of history to make Cockpit.

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