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Spini Prepares for Design Week 2019 with "Living Objects. La casa dei sogni"

In Milan, Design Week is getting closer and closer, and all of the best known furniture brands are beginning to give details of their participation.

Among them is the Spini brand, which will beltransforming a prestigious Milanese villa into a “theatre house” with elegant furnishings, to create spaces and images that become authentic new design experiences..

From 8 to14 April, therefore, “ Living Objects” will take place: it is a stunning scenographic installation created by Ippolita Rostagno, where design meets the creative soul of theatre in a prestigious historical venue of ancient Milan.

Visitors to the installation will become spectators and temporary guests of the extravagant story portrayed inside the villa thanks to the collaboration of theatre and design. Champagne, arguments, dances and children’s games will all be a part of the exhibition of an ideal domestic context, with truly unique furniture and accessories. It will be a sort of “dream house” where you can be a pleasantly involved spectator and guest.

The installation will be located in Via Randaccio 5, Milan, open from 11 am to 8 pm, and the new collections and new catalogues for 2019 will be available as well.

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