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Globo Expands T-Edge Collection

Some of the most interesting products in the collection by Globo, a brand specialising in ceramic bathroom fixtures, belong to theT-Edge product family, designed by CreativeLab+. The line has been expanded with new combinations and models, which confirms the excellent results that it has enjoyed since it was launched.

This collection is available in 14 “Bagno di Colore” ceramic colours, and has a very important feature. The individual fixtures are made with thin edges obtained with the patented GLOBOTHIN® mix, a material that can guarantee greater hardness and brilliance with reduced thicknesses.

New washbasins have been added to the collection now, with a depth of 37 cm in the wall-mounted and table top versions. Both variants have a ceramic drain trap flush with the basin.

However, their product design has remained unchanged. One of the best examples of this is a large bathtub fashioned in sober and elegant style.

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