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Circus by Nodus: More Than Just a Rug

The brand Nodus has developed a series of Limited Edition carpets that stand out for their creative style and original materials.

One of the most interesting of these is Circus, by Estudio Campana, a project that could be defined as a combination of artwork, textile craftsmanship and a classic carpet.

However, this carpet is anything but classic. Its only “classic” feature it the traditional handwoven and knotted procedure used to make it.

Firstly, it has an irregular circular shape, a rare characteristic in classic carpets, which tend to be rectangular or square. This isn't the most important difference, though.

Secondly, the extraordinarily creative nature of this carpet shows in its surface, which is literally covered with rag dolls sewn to remain raised as if they were lying on what looks like a wide green meadow formed from a tight weave of hemp yarn.

The result is quite effective, exclusive and complex, able to add a touch of lively personality to the room where it is placed.

As stated above, only 10 Limited Edition models are available, made to order.

This piece is highly recommended for people who want an exclusive living room with a lively, imaginative style.

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