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Autoban Designs New Estée Lauder Headquarters in Istanbul

Autoban has finished designing the new central offices of Estée Lauder in the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

Located in the important Zorlu Center, the offices were created by outfitting the space to fit the hierarchy and functions of more than 10 companies that were involved. Areas were created to provide the same level of comfort that we enjoy at home, which is particularly positive for branches that require long shifts and shared, poly-functional meeting rooms.

Circulation inside the office is directed through two main arteries. In addition, two areas were created to allow people to interact and rest, and many attractive “squares” have also been set up, which make the complex feel like a city.

Wood was chosen as the main material for the furnishings. The objective was to eliminate the typically “cold” feeling that corporate buildings tend to produce and allow the space to become more beautiful aesthetically.

In short, different layers of rosewood were given a glossy finish, and a pattern of diagonal columns reveals unexpected pockets of space to break the monotony and create a dynamic structure.

These layers also have an additional function: they are designed to hide unattractive elements such as office supplies and wiring.

To complete the layout, an intermittent pattern with black floor tile helps render the structure more dynamic and differentiated.

As far as furnishings are considered, the hall features a large carpet to balance the acoustics and comfortable Autoban sofas upholstered in signature shades of Estée Lauder blue.

However, the most important architectural element in the hall is the surprising Barrisol mirror by Autoban, which completely covers the ceiling to create a sense of height and amplify the perception of space. This bronze mirror ceiling makes the room look twice as big!

Needless to say, this interesting project provides us with yet another example of Autoban’s versatile approach to furnishing different spaces and environments.

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