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Prisma Mirror by Umbra: One Mirror, Many Functions

Umbra makes many furnishing accessories, including Prisma, a mirror that adds a touch of style and creativity to any home.

Its geometric shape is certainly its main feature - a conglomeration of hexagons inserted inside one another in a deliberately off-centred pattern that produces a complex design, an interesting 3D effect.

With this layout, the mirror frame adds dimensionality, luminosity and a special metallic touch to the room where it is hung, to render it unique.

Prisma’s other interesting feature is its multi-functional nature, which adds considerable value. This piece can fulfil several needs simultaneously.

In fact, Prisma is perfect as a tabletop tray or coffee tray, or as an object to hang up small accessories. Its particular shape allows it to adapt to different functions.

The mirror frame comes in various different colours for easy customisation.

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