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Molo: Kettal's New Outdoor Sofa

Rodolfo Dordoni designed a new modular outdoor sofa for Kettal called Molo. Its name is the Italian word for “pier”, to celebrate its value as a “refuge”, just like a pier protects boats from the waves and the open sea.

Its most important feature is its orthogonal geometry, based on a reticular modularity that allows the system to adapt to any situation and optimise available spaces.

In fact, each Molo module can be dissembled and combined freely with other modules, which means that they can be used to form a vast number of configurations for different uses.

The design is also aesthetically pleasing, and offers many intentionally oversized volumes. Another feature to note is the availability of many types of fabrics, colours and carefully selected details.

Just like piers in harbours represent a concept of rest from sailing, this sofa is a place for relaxing and tranquillity, to provide relief from the stress of daily life.

The structure is made in aluminium, teak wood, concrete and Terrain Fabrics, and the same line includes small tables and cots to combine with the seating system.

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