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New Logica Celata Bar and Kitchen by Valcucine

Valcucine has presented the latest evolution of the Logica series, a solution that emerges from attentive research into how to rethink space and reinvent ergonomics.

The new model is called Logica Celata, and it features a combination of the Bar, Kitchen and Preparation areas into a single solution. Each area contributes with its own function and accessories conceived especially for specific needs.

Therefore, this product guarantees many possible uses ranging from drinks to food. This kitchen stays optimised and organised environment because users can hide objects and accessories if necessary. In fact, the name “Logica Celata” translates literally to “hidden logic”.

Furthermore, when Logica Celata is closed, it turns into an elegant piece of furniture, even more customised with Vitrum Arte - a particular artisan technique developed by Valcucine to reproduce various intarsio patterns on glass.

Logica Celata was personalised with the reproduction of artwork completed in the 1960s by a Milanese illustrator, Franz Marangolo, for the brand Campari Soda, which is also the partner that is sponsoring events that feature the new kitchen in many different venues.

Logica Celata is art, design, multi-functionality and many other features: it is certainly an all-inclusive solution that promises to be extremely successful.

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