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New Calypso Outdoor Lamp by Contardi

The Contardi brand has many exclusive new products, including a family of lighting solutions called Calypso Outdoor. Thanks to its particular design, these lamps can give outdoor spaces the lively, exotic atmosphere of a Caribbean island.

Based on an unexpected combination of patterns and bright colours, these lamps release a very pleasant style of soft lighting that can make your nights outdoors truly unique.

Perfectly water-proof fabrics and a very high protection rating, IP65, enhance the exclusiveness of this collection, rendering it suitable for any outdoor space and any type of weather conditions.

To make the Calypso Outdoor collection even more complete, a new lamp has been added: Calypso Floor Outdoor is a floor lamp that was presented at the Salone del Mobile this year. It has become the centrepiece of the entire collection.

Like its pendant “sisters”, Calypso Floor Outdoor has lively colours and clean exclusive design, conceived specifically to add colour and make nights outside unique.

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