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New Ripley Bed by Visionnaire: Elegance and Art

One of the most attractive aspects of the new Visionnaire collection is Ripley, a bed inspired by furniture of the past with particular focus on art, and that can easily become a great place to meditate and rest.

The padded bed has a quilted headboard in leather or fabric, framed harmoniously by a profile covered also in leather or fabric.

Set perfectly into the frame, this covering is in braided leather or fabric with just enough padding to enhance the look of relaxing comfort.

The bed’s shape was clearly inspired by trends from the 1970s, the period that art and design exploded in the furnishing sector. At that time, truly original solutions became available.

The bed’s exclusive look is completed by a triptych in Nubuck velvet and braided velvet upholstery, a very interesting detail that gives the entire structure an elegant and sumptuous appearance.

Moreover, Ripley is available with remote controls for colour therapy, which is also an exclusive feature that confirms the bed’s particular appeal.

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