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A New Look for Patera Lamp by Louis Poulsen

The suspension lamp Patera, created in 2015 by Danish designer Øivind Slaatto for the brand Louis Poulsen, has a fresh look thanks to a new finish.

Originally designed in the colour white and developed as if it were a modern rendition of the classic chandelier, Patera was designed to produce the same type of brilliant dynamic light.

However, this suspension lamp is now changing its look with a reflecting silver coloured leaf finish, which creates a livelier, more brilliant effect that contrasts more than the original white finish.

The new silver finish makes the luminaire truly unique, though it still has the intrinsic qualities of the original model.

This is the result of a complex design of cells positioned in different ways. Patera projects glare-free light uniformly into the surrounding space, onto people and objects positioned at all angles, for a pleasant, natural looking effect.

The lamp also has an exclusive shape, elegant from any point of observation. Its structure is based on the complex Fibonacci sequence, thanks to which it appears to be different when admired from different directions. In fact, Øivind Slaatto calls Patera a “tri-dimensional sudoku puzzle” because it is the most complex lamp that he has ever designed.

Therefore, this object is truly destined to become the absolute focal point of any living room, enhancing both modern and traditional spaces with exclusive effects.

Patera can create a unique focal point by itself or coordinated with other lamps from the same series, installed either in line or in staggered positions, to make the lighting more interesting.

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