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New Soul of Nature Carpets from Kasthall

Kasthall has presented a new collection of carpets completely inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Its name is a not-so-subtle clue: “Soul of Nature”.

The multi-faceted aspects of the natural world were the source of inspiration for the colours, textures and materials. This collection features a range of unexpected hues and shapes that stimulate the senses through materials that contain stories to tell and interpret.

The “main characters” in this collection are wool and linen bouclé in different heights, feather-like patterns, layers and fabrics that have the extraordinary ability to change colour depending on how the light reflects. Colours of meadows and coastal bays are accented with frayed linen fringes typical of 1970s carpets that underscore the design.

Each detail in this playful but elegant series expresses something that reminds us of nature. One of the most interesting pieces in the collection is Feather , a carpet fashioned to clearly pay tribute to the lovely white plumage on the belly of penguins. Other solutions are equally as effective, all rigorously created to be a pure reflection of a colourful, lively and organic natural environment.

The result is a collection of exclusive carpets, perfect for furnishing your home with the utmost style and taste, thus enriching it with 100% natural charm.

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