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New Torii Bench from Viccarbe

One of the most interesting new pieces from the Viccarbe collection is Torii, a bench designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba that stands out for its pure timeless lines.

The shape was inspired by traditional Japanese culture. Torii was created to deliberately evoke the typical arches located at the entrances of Shinto temples, which have always been a metaphor for the borderline between the material world and spirituality.

In addition to its undoubtedly interesting aesthetics, the new bench stands out mainly for its extraordinary versatility, which allows it to be used in several different contexts, depending on specific needs.

In fact, this bench is perfect for spaces where people work or study together because it allows them to regulate the seat height, which allows it to adapt to desks and work tables.

Lastly, to accommodate different styles and tastes, Torii also offers several different finishes, including colours and facings, and also electrification.

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