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Intrecci Collection by Grifoni Home Design

Some of the most interesting pieces in the Grifoni Home Design are from the Intrecci series, a project inspired by the ancient Florentine tradition of woven straw. After WWII, this style turned out to be one of the main economic resources for small rural communities located along the Arno River.

At the time, straw was used in the furnishing sector and many other types of products, such as shoes (typical straw-heeled wedges and espadrilles) and accessories (simple straw hats were both genuine and stylish).

The Intrecci collection was inspired by this type of straw weaving, and uses this material that adds a touch of warmth, movement and especially dynamic interaction to any piece of furniture.

The weaves become the undisputed main characteristics of the furniture in this series, developing all sorts of patterns and becoming the distinctive element for the entire collection.

Each element β€” beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, night tables and screens β€” are decorated with straw details and framed with woven patterns.

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