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New Cà Foscari Sofa by Visionnaire

One of the most interesting new pieces in the Visionnaire catalogue is also featured in the brand’s new advertising campaign. Cà Foscari, designed by Alessandro Spada, is an elegant sofa destined to become the new central feature of the living room.

The sofa's soft welcoming shape is outlined by concave perimeter marks connected together, which also make it very comfortable.

The sofa’s exclusive style is completed with a metallic base that extends vertically through an element that completes the armrest. The vertical metal element also develops into curved feet, which add a note of graceful beauty and give the sofa a highly refined look.

The base has a mirror finish, and the curved steel reflects the surrounding room with interesting optical effects.

Ergonomic seats further define the sofa, but comfort is very difficult to describe: you’ll have to go see it and try it out.

For a more captivating living room, we suggest pairing the Cà Foscari with small armchairs from the same series that have the same characteristics.

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