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Qubit by MDF Italia: Not Just a Bookcase

One of the most interesting new pieces from the collection by MDF Italia, the bookcase-cabinet Qubit, has a significantly different form and design, and also offers new options from a functional standpoint.

Let’s start with its name, a tribute to quantum computing and its unit of measurement. Qubit exhibits rigorous geometry and surprising optical effects from all points of observation due to its extraordinary conformation.

Victor Vasilev, its designer, developed this particular unit using a fluid sequence, repeating the individual modules to create its rhythm.

Therefore, modularity is rigour, order and a strong personality, with flexibility and precision. All these qualities come together to create a new container unit, suited to any domestic space - from the living room to the bedroom - but also perfect as a single partition element or simply to place next to the wall as a storage unit or display surface.

No matter where Qubit is placed, its “microarchitecture” becomes immediately visible. The unit can be used on both sides and in all dimensions.

Its an elaborate project, and its creator says that this level of complexity mirrors the complexity of modern times, where a plurality of viewpoints “is often present in our daily endeavours”. This is why it is so versatile and multi-purposed.

Qubit comes in three heights. The white model has dividing panels in black ash wood, and the charcoal grey model sports dividers painted in gold.

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