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New Quadra Chair by Viccarbe: Architecture and Design Combined

One of the best new products introduced in 2019 to the Viccarbe collection is Quadra, a new chair designed by Mario Ferrarini.

Quadra emerges from the desire to create coherent, balanced design, and therefore its proportions are refined and essential.

Its main feature is the metal frame, a clear tribute to the elegance of the compass and the perfection of the square, the architect’s “favourite” tools.

Quadra is perfect for projects that require great functionality and years of use, therefore it is perfect for classrooms and meeting rooms but also for coffee shops and homes.

The chair frame is made up of two profiles that complete each other in perfect harmony. Metaphorically, it evokes the image of two slender dancers interacting with the limited architectural space around them. As a result, rhythmic movement is created and added to a wooden seat that gives a note of warmth in deliberate contrast to the coolness of the metal structure.

The exclusive nature of Quadra culminates in a complete lack of visible screws or fasteners and the convenience of being stackable on chairs in the same series.

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