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Fuji Line in Engraved Glass by Jumbo Collection

Jumbo Collection is a company that has based its success on the creation of complex products with unique charm. Its many collections are able to fulfil the most sophisticated desires for furniture in classic and refined styles, perfect for a truly elegant home.

One of its most interesting lines is Fuji, a lovely series made with precise glass engraving techniques.

Clean, elegant lines emerge from the light, luminous classic style. The special hand-crafted glass decorating process reveals the superior technical and artistic production that the brand has been developing for many years.

The main characteristic of the Fuji is actually the particular glass decoration techniqueβ€” an engraving process, to be precise β€” with different depths to obtain a three dimensional effect in the carefully studied design. No two pieces are alike!

The collection includes a dining table with cloudy onyx details and a lazy susan installed on the top that rotates automatically to the desired position when the button is pressed. This is truly a harmonious combination of classical furniture and cutting-edge contemporary technology.

In addition to the table, the Fuji line includes display cabinets and chairs, all with the a precious brass structure, partially drawn and partially sand cast.

Any piece from this truly exclusive collection will enhance your home with refined style and elegance.

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