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Foscarini's New Mix&Match System: the Ultimate in Customisation

Foscarini has presented a new lighting system that allows customers to choose and combine different aspects as desired, including the diffuser,

functions and colours.

They have named the new solution Mix&Match, and it includes 5 diffusers, 4 functions, and 3 colours, to mix together to create a flexible lighting project that is also very personal.

How does this “free composition” idea work? It’s actually very simple: just start by choosing the style of the diffuser glass from among the product families Gem, Gregg and Rituals, typologies of lamps from the Foscarini collection that, for this occasion, are included in the project.

Secondly, the client needs to identify the function depending on the needs of the room where it will be installed, and finally, the colour variants desired, to fit personal taste and design style.

Clearly, this is an incredibly innovative project that is expected to enjoy great success. Lastly, the lamps involved already express strong personality that can only increase when they are combined with other elements to create an exclusive final product.

Thanks to Mix&Match, the iconic models Gem, Gregg and Rituals can now be combined with one another to define and coordinate the illumination of different environments and reinvent space. More importantly, these lamps will make your home more exclusive.

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