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New Paradigma Bookcase from Tonelli Design

One of the most interesting new pieces from the Tonelli Design collection is the Paradigma bookcase designed by De Bona and De Meo.

This large piece was created for people who want an original bookcase with modern but functional aesthetics, and this element is destined to become the absolute focal point of the room where it is placed.

The two-part structure includes a central grid in glass, glued together manually by expert artisans, and a geometric component in thin sheet metal that fits together without fasteners.

The geometric part comes in an arch or a circular shape, with a contrasting finish in brushed bronze or an innovative version of brushed black. The glass component can be in extra clear or smoky glass, depending on the desired aesthetic effect.

Paradigma has turned out to be a very personalisable furnishing element of non-conventional elegance. A strong material-centred imprint emerges from its almost sculptural form, expressed in exclusive finishes and details.

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