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New Porro Storage Dressing Room

Porro has presented several new features of its wardrobes, all with rational organisation and function in mind.

The starting point was Storage, the exclusive modular system able to contain and show the objects inside, transforming gracefully from wardrobe to walk-in closet.

The distinctive mark of Storage is that it adapts perfectly to large spaces, optimising them in a very functional way.

The result is that the objects in the wardrobe – shirts, dresses, suits and your favourite accessories – are not only protected and perfectly in order, but they are also exhibited and valorised, almost as if they were in a small “dress showroom” with a strong aesthetic impact.

One of the most interesting models of this wardrobe is Storage Dressing Room, available in both white cherry finish and with the transparent corner detail.

In both cases, the wardrobe alternates compartments that are completely transparent, open or closed with glass doors, with compartments that are closed with back elements finished in particular materials.

In the first case, these are in white cherry, a melamine finish that faithfully reproduces the natural veining of cherry wood, and softens the intense red colour with more neutral tones.

In the second case, we see a highly experimental model, which culminates in the presence of a large transparent corner element in crystal with the metal structure in a Cuvée finish.

Storage Dressing Room transparent corner is available with the back panel in crystal and also with the internal partitions in crystal and the back panel in melamine, always in white cherry.

Storage Dressing Room is certainly a wardrobe destined to become the undisputed focal point of the bedroom, making it truly exclusive.

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