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New Classic Blue Finish for Alma Design

Alma Design is “painting” its best products the fresh new colour of the year: Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue.

Blue is one of the most popular colours globally. It conveys a sense of safety and trust, and most people believe that it is the best hue for the fields of communication and fashion because it transmits elegance and refinement. Different shades, ranging from the lightest pastel to the darkest indigo, have proved to be quite suitable for different types of styles and environments.

Therefore, blue is the perfect choice for creating the “ideal outfit” for an interior decorating project, especially if choosing elegant modern furnishings.

Alma Design chose blue for different chairs, sofas and tables, and obtained excellent results in terms of style and elegance.

Therefore, blue is the colour of this year, and it can certainly give your rooms a unique personality, but choosing Alma Design products in a shade of blue can give you the truly distinctive effect you are searching for.

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