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Curve Collection by Grifoni Home Design

Curve by GHD is a furnishing collection that emerges partially from the tradition of curved, rounded furniture, typical of the 17th and 18th centuries, with gold and silver leaf decorations marking the corners and contours. The gentle, fascinating shapes of the Tuscan, Florentine and Sienese landscapes where the brand is based are the second source of inspiration.

Therefore, these material-related and territorial-landscaping components contribute to making this collection both unique and quite elegant.

The main features of pieces from the Curve collection are undulated surfaces interrupted by large areas of straight paneling that become handles, breaking up and, by contrast, exalting the curviness of the object. These discontinuous elements are finished with bronze leaf, while the remaining surfaces are in very light coloured wood.

The result is a collection of wardrobes, tables, sideboards and cabinets of various types in contemporary classic style, which are ideal for outfitting a refined and very unique home.

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