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De Majo Lamps and Chandeliers in Milan's Hotel Gallia Excelsior

In keeping with its role as Italy’s leading company on the international luxury lighting market, the De Majo brand was asked to provide 10 different types of luminaires for the prestigious Hotel Gallia Excelsior in Milan.

Most of these lamps were custom built to meet two objectives. Fulfilling functional requirements was an obvious priority, and secondly, the luminaires needed to match decorative and stylistic characteristics of the hotel’s furnishing scheme.

De Majo brand products were installed in the ground floor restaurant, the suites, and the spa area with the swimming pool. Lastly, an impressive chandelier measuring 25 m in height, created entirely in close collaboration with the Studio Marco Piva, hangs from the ceiling to decorate the main stairwell.

The aesthetic effect of this beautiful chandelier, visible from every floor, is similar to an upside-down cone. The incredible chandelier weighs over one ton: exactly 1200 kg of fragments of light and glass alternating in complete harmony to welcome anyone who enters the hotel.

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