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New Baixa Armchair by Softline

The 2020 collection from Softline includes a few pieces with unique style and design that are destined to become brand icons.

One of them is certainly worth a closer look. Baixa is a comfortable armchair with a soft, rounded silhouette that combines classic and contemporary style in a single solution.

However, the most interesting element is the soft lower back support, which was designed to harmoniously transform into a comfortable armrest that enhances the soft, round shape of the chair as well as the top part of the backrest.

In this way, the armchair takes on a shape that evokes an image of soft sand dunes.

The upholstery is perfectly removable and the base is available in black, grey and white.

Baixa is ideal for adding comfort and elegance to the living room, and it is also quite suited to other rooms in the home, such as the bedroom or the home office.

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