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Plissée Floor Lamp by ClassiCon

The 2020 ClassiCon collection includes several excellent pieces of furniture, all with the characteristics to become brand icons and win the approval of the international public.

One of these pieces will not fail to attract attention. The new floor lamp Plissée designed by Sebastian Herkner features glass, the main material in the project, as a sort of balloon of light - attractive and weightless - and able to provide appealing and interesting light in any room in the house.

In fact, Sebastian Herkner has always been a master at overturning our usual perception of materials. He has done it again with this lamp, by creating an unprecedented scenic effect.

The white lampshade in frosted opalescent glass looks like a weightless ball of tangible light floating in mid-air and balanced over a metal base.

The most fascinating thing about it is that the glass has been blown with a particular technique that makes it look like a soft, pleated fabric.

The elaborate artisan process gives the material its soft, appealing visual effect which renders Plissée quite exclusive.

This lamp is perfect for people who want a unique, elegant furnishing scheme that enhances their home with personality and design.

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