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New KOHI KAURI Table by Riva1920

Among the more interesting new pieces from the Riva1920 collection are a group of round tables with metal bases and tops in Kauri wood and Kohi Kauri resin, designed by Terry Dawn.

The Kauri (Agathis Australis) is a type of conifer that lives only in the subtropical climate of New Zealand. The first specimens appeared during the Jurassic period about 190 to 135 million years ago. These were the largest trees in the world in terms of trunk size. They grew to heights of over 70 meters tall with diameters of up to 9 meters.

Unfortunately, many of these forests fell victim to deforestation when the English first arrived, but now they are protected by the New Zealand Department of Conservation, and can no longer be cut down.

About 50,000 years ago, however, at the end of the last ice age, a series of cataclysms wiped out entire forests of Kauri, and immersed them in water and mud. The particular characteristics of this muddy swamp, which covered the trees for 30 to 50 thousand years, and the absolute lack of oxygen allowed those trunks to avoid the chemical processes of decomposition and petrification and emerge in modern times in perfect condition.

In fact, it is possible to dig underground, on one’s own property, to find actual “mines of wood with perfectly preserved trunks that have the same characteristics of freshy cut timber”. In this way, it has been possible to use this fine wood without cutting down live trees that are protected by law.

Riva1920 has made this exquisite wood into a speciality of its production. The company offers a selection of carefully crafted furnishings in Kauri wood that have lovely golden highlights from the resin that has transformed into amber during their “prolonged burial”, so much so that it looks like gold dust.

The small table Kohi Kauri is one of the latest products from the Kauri wood series. It comes in different sizes and heights, to meet a variety of needs imposed by spaces and styles.

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