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Grönska Carpet Collection by Kasthall: the Charm of Swedish Landscapes

The carpet collection that designer Ilse Crawfords created for Kasthall – “Grönska” – is one of the brand’s most interesting and deserves to be explored and admired.

These carpets were inspired by the lovely landscapes around the Kasthall factory in Kinna, in Västergötland. The collection was developed as a tribute to the life, colours, textures and patterns of the Swedish landscape, and also to fulfil the general desire to bring nature indoors.

When Ilse Crawford first visited the factory, she was struck by the beauty of the fields and meadows around it. Grönska was the natural evolution of this encounter, which began what turned out to be a profitable collaboration with Kasthall.

The design work started in spring of 2017 with three woven rugs: Fåra, Glänta and Ängmark, as well as the hand-tufted rugs Täppa and Åker.

Different weaving and tufting techniques were explored to ensure that the carpets would have the same rhythm and irregularity as the meadows, but in the different seasonal colours of the different types of landscapes during the year.

These qualities were “conveyed” through the carpets as they were introduced to homes and public spaces.

The result was a collection of truly unique products that evoke breathtaking landscapes perfect for “breaking out” of an indoor mindset to imagine being immersed in the marvellous natural environment of Sweden.

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