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New TV Mirror by Spini: Where Furnishings and Technology Meet

Spini has presented an innovative mirror that is also a television, and it will probably revolutionise the living room. Specchio TV is an exclusive piece designed by Luca Spini.

Its strong point is clear: this mirror both embellishes a room and functions as an appliance that helps people relax and enjoy themselves. In fact, it’s a mirror when it is turned off and a TV when turned on, which optimises space through the concept of two products merged into one.

From a classic frame in gold and silver leaf, black, white and other colours from the collection, as desired, Specchio TV appears simultaneously classic and contemporary and can satisfy different needs.

The TV is of the latest generation, equipped with all the comforts and functions to be in step with the times. The mirror, on the other hand, projects the type of elegance - all classic and a bit baroque - that the Spini brand is known for.

Its dimensions can be customised to fit different rooms, and therefore adapt to placement in the bedroom, living room and even the bathroom. It’s perfect for anyone who wants an elegant object without giving up technology.

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