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B.B Chair by Rubelli: a Mix of Femininity and Design

The Rubelli brand offers a series of cabinets, upholstered furniture and complements, each with its own personality. However, all of them belong to the same nucleus, the same family, because they share a very refined, unique style.

One of the most interesting collections in their catalogue is undoubtedly CINECITTÀ, designed by the renowned architect Marco Piva and presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile di Milano 2018.

This clearly contemporary collection offers a series of pieces with a vintage spirit inspired by the film industry, which explains why it is named after the Italian movie company. In fact, the names of the products in this collection hint at legendary actors and actresses and their roles in famous films. The fabrics, attention to detail and Rubelli’s hallmark tailoring do the rest to create contemporary products that reach beyond the moment.

The collection’s strong points are the encounter and overlapping of materials and textures, the use of marble and metal, and the geometric forms and slightly inclined vertical lines that give the objects a particular profile to make them look incredibly light.

Today’s spotlight is on the B.B. Side Chair, inspired by the famous actress and model Brigitte Bardot. It is a simple, elegant chair that conveys a certain personality immediately, at a glance.

It is based on two distinct and opposing volumes: the first, simple but elegant, is a wood “frame” – in the same material as the legs – that gives the chair an understated but refined profile; the other is more complex and detailed – upholstery made of a fine fabric that highlights excellent tailoring details.

The tall backrest is not invasive, and there are no armrests. The shape is simple and linear.

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