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Arpa: the New Outdoor Collection from MDF Italia

The MDF Italia has a new family of outdoor furniture called Arpa, which includes a sofa, an armchair and a small table.

The shape of the pieces and Italian word “arpa” confirm the source of inspiration for this collection, the harp, one of the most beautiful and interesting musical instruments.

The difference is in the manufacturing. Building a harp requires a long, meticulous process, but this collection was designed to embody a rigorous minimalistic plan in which each piece has the fewest possible number of components.

The orthogonal external structure of the ARPA sofa and the armchair combines with the comfort and softness of the internal cushion to produce a perfect harmony of contrasts.

Its exclusive look is completed with refined cording on the sides and backrest, completely hand braided in highly resistant through-coloured polyester, which guarantees high resistance to weather and abrasion, with low stretching and good lightfastness. These cords are placed to resemble those of the musical instrument, and they add a touch of elegance to the entire structure while also making it look unexpectedly lightweight.

The load-bearing structure of the seat and backrest are made of stainless steel with a 2 x 2 cm section, finished with an epoxy coating and a specific treatment for outdoor use.

The table has the same structure as the chair and sofa. However, the top is made in fine laminated porcelain stoneware, in matt variants of light grey lime, black lime, medium grey bush-hammered Savoy stone and natural satin-finished corten.

Designed to be timeless, ARPA is going to become an icon not only for purely aesthetic reasons, but also for its functionality and comfort.

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