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Poltrona Frau Presents the New 2020 Collection

Poltrona Frau has launched its new 2020 collection, an interesting “concentrate” of innovative materials, unprecedented formal developments, important new editions and range extensions.

It’s called "Future Heritage", and it is a tribute to the future and to a lasting design culture that emerges from intense research aimed at obtaining the very best.

The new pieces in the 2020 collection all share this same goal to become “timeless” by outliving the fads and seasonal trends.

Along with them, there are different readings of the range that once again confirm the success of Poltrona Frau products and their ability to remain current and complete different styles and spaces.

Uniquely elegant chairs are a big part of the new collection. Pieces like these fully represent the Poltrona Frau style, such as the upholstered chair Viola, which stands out for its sophisticated modern interpretation of the classic design patterns, to create the perfect balance of typical Scandinavian details with contemporary luxury.

A particularly interesting reinterpretation of an iconic product is new version of the Archibald chair by Jean Marie Massaud (2009), refashioned here as an impeccably elegant dining room chair. The tailored handiwork is revealed in every detail: from the complex pattern of folds on the inside of the leather-covered backrest to the fine contrasting stitching on the curved line of the back of the profiles. These are only a few of the new features of the collection.

Therefore, this project is rich in interesting details that will certainly be very successful.

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