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Pavilion Libro Tre-P&Tre-Più Sliding Doors

Among the most interesting proposals in the collection of sliding doors from Tre-P&Tre-Più is the Pavilion Libro, which are also folding doors, as the Italian name hints. The folding design reduces the space required and offers several possibilities for different installations. This door can be used for a wide range of solutions such as walk-in closets, various types of storage spaces or simply as partitions between rooms.

The Pavilion Libro solution is customisable because of many combinations of profiles and glass panels and, thanks to the creation of “millimetre systems”, it can be placed in any type of architectural context without ever giving up the elegance and contemporary style of Tre-P&Tre-Più.

Moreover, the Pavilion Libro model also comes in a new finish with wire mesh that adds to the already vast range of materials and colours.

The wire mesh between two layers of glass enhances the brilliance of the panels, and allows light to filter through with an original pattern that modifies the look of the surrounding environment.

Thanks to these characteristics, Pavilion Libro could be the ideal solution for separating residential spaces elegantly while ensuring sufficient light through the transparent profiles in crystal glass.

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