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Sicis Mosaics in Vetrite

During last year’s Salone del Mobile, the luxury brand Sicis presented different new pieces that showcased the richness of materials, such as marble and wood, and the use of fabrics with compact weaves and strong visual dynamism.

However, in addition to furnishings with fluid elegant lines, the multi-dimensional walls of Vetrite with complex artistic mosaics (that have always been the brand’s main product) were the most popular resource of the collection.

Sicis mosaics alternate tradition and innovation harmoniously to intertwine technology and art, boldness and understated elegance, and glamour and simplicity to create works of art that are truly balanced objects of design, art and traditional Italian craftsmanship.

An example of absolutely stunning mosaic art was made by the artist-designer Miriam Alía during the event Casa Decor 2019 in Madrid.

With a delicate obsession for details, the artist collaborated in this new challenge by Sicis and based the work on particular combinations of materials and shading. The result was surprising.

The designer succeeded in using mosaic art masterfully, in different forms and with a range of materials, including the ever-present Vetrite, to create a marvellous installation: a room full of energy, light and colour with an artistic mosaic that conveyed three-dimensional depth through a particular interplay of reflections and shaded coloured tiles.

The installation also featured lights, the designer’s true passion. Built into the wall, these lights backlit the mosaic with decisively “pop” neon lights, floor lamps and a large ceiling lamp that harmonized the entire presentation.

This was only one of the brand’s most recent projects done with mosaics. Naturally, Sicis produces many different proposals that all adapt perfectly to furniture and furnishings schemes, often being perfectly “incorporated” into them. For example, the last walk-in closet designed by Marco Piva was an extraordinary project where Vetrite was combined with fabrics and other materials, and many different finishes were used.

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