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New Hubble Bubble Lamp by Moooi

One of the most fascinating products in the Moooi collection is certainly the brand new suspension lamp, designed by Marcel Wanders, Hubble Bubble.

This lamp was created to make the observer think of a child’s game, blowing soap bubbles, which brings to mind memories of carefree days when it was normal for children to be able to run barefoot in the grass.

The lamp design was inspired by soap bubbles, of course, and therefore the lamp body is made up of transparent blown glass balls rotating around a large metal ring.

Available in two different versions, Hubble Bubble 7 and Hubble Bubble 11, the lamp has either 7 or 11 spheres, which can either be in an oil-iridescent or frosted finish.

Thanks to the extraordinarily elementary shapes of Hubble’s glass spheres, the lamp can be hung either horizontally or vertically, which makes it quite customizable.

When Hubble Bubble is paired with other lamps of the same type, it creates an interesting effect because the bubbles multiply to form a “magical” atmosphere in which many different combinations are possible.

Naturally, in addition to creating a truly different living room furnishing scheme, the result is an atmosphere of weightlessness, transparency and light - the same effect that soap bubbles have when they float daintily through the air.

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