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Moon Chair by Tonon: the Moon as a Design Sculpture

One of the most interesting products from the Tonon collection is the striking Moon chair designed by Mac Stopa.

The epitome of the creator's style, this chair expresses all the passion for curved organic lines. Moon is based on semi-circular shapes that recall the lunar phases, and this explains its name.

The chair sides extend through the armrests to create a flexible “suspended” backrest that adapts to the position of the user and offers the highest level of comfort.

The organically shaped shell is made of integral “soft touch” rubber and set on a self-supporting frame.

The flexible rubber adapts, due to its plasticity, to both the frame’s geometric shapes and the user’s body, thus providing a pleasant sensation of softness and accommodating stability.

This exclusive chair was designed with incredible contemporary style, which places it halfway between a design sculpture and a piece of fine furniture.

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