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Cattelan Italia Presents New Ceramic Finishes for 2020

During the lockdown, Cattelan Italia was busy. The brand didn’t just “sit around”, quite the contrary: it created something with truly unique modern design. Introducing 2020 NEW KERAMIK, a new series of ceramic finishes that emerge from a strong creative commitment, emotional awareness and the desire to go beyond current standards and clearly express the company’s values.

These new ceramics are Arenal, Breccia and Zefiro, materials with monolithic textures and luxurious veining that make it possible to create an arabesque of chiaroscuro to build new stylistic horizons.

These precious finishes, with their strong colours, are openly inspired by the most precious minerals. They are the perfect choice for enhancing various types of furnishings to make them exclusive and singular.

In particular, these new ceramics adapt seamlessly to timeless modern interior decorating schemes and enrich each piece with exquisite magnetic charm.

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