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Poppy Square from VG New Trend: Nature Inside Your Home

The furniture brand VG New Trend makes an exclusive collection called Flower Power, a family of suspended lighting solutions that we presented for the first time in 2018. Today, new elements complete its already extensive range.

The lamps in this collection all have the same leitmotiv: colourful artificial flowers and blown Murano glass elements. It’s easy to imaging the result. These lovely suspended lamps look like beautiful floral compositions hanging from the ceiling. They truly are the perfect innovative accent for any room in the house.

One of the most interesting pieces in this collection is Poppy Square, which features artificial VG flowers and cylinders in Murano glass. The fixture mounts LED light sources and can be suspended or built into the ceiling.

The lamp comes in different variants, but the standard version features poppies in a variety of colours and lengths to form a flower bed. This floral detail allows you to bring all the beauty and lively colours of nature, with its flowers and organic forms, right inside your home.

Poppy Square lamps are certainly perfect for springtime, but in the colder months they are ideal for bringing a bit of nature indoors to liven up the environment.

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