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New Taba Chair Collection by Moroso

The Moroso brand has finished a new series of chairs designed by Alfredo Häberli. We are talking about Taba, a family of eight different furnishings: a sofa, two armchairs and five ottomans.

Each element in the collection was conceived to be included in these main daily events: living, sitting, working and having conversations.

The common denominator of the collection is the superimposition of different organic lines and extremely soft asymmetrical shapes.

This collection was inspired by an old game played in rural Argentina with a cow bone. “Taba” is also the name of the bone, which has two metal plates attached to it. The game involves throwing the bone in a certain way so that the winning end remains pointing upwards and the other end sticks in the soft soil.

The resulting collection exhibits unique style and a design that encourages people to interact, just like the traditional game that inspired it.

It’s a well-rounded project that offers a vast range of possibilities in both public and private settings.

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