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Liu Jo's Ensemble Caillou: Unexpected Outdoor Furnishings

One of the most interesting families from the brand Liu Jo Living Collection is undoubtedly the Ensemble Caillou, a truly exclusive way of experiencing the outdoors.

The concept is developed around four elements that combine to make distinctive and unique furnishings. These elements can be put together for a higher degree of customisation for each piece.

First of all, Ensemble Caillou includes a carpet made out of heat-resistant mineral fibre which naturally “insulates” from the heat and humidity. This element can be positioned on all types of outdoor floorings.

The second element should be placed on top of the carpet. Called the Pad, it is a mattress with a precise composition of materials that includes yarns and foam that are extremely resistant to weather- and time-related damage. It has a slipcover that is quite easy to remove.

The special Dryfeel® foams used for the mattress have a completely open cellular structure, which allows water and humidity to filter quickly and effectively. This mattress guarantees comfort with any humidity level, and drying times are significantly reduced.

Finally, the last two elements in the Ensemble are the Sasso (stone) and the Poggia-reni (lower back cushion), both indispensable accessories for enhancing this particular combination. The Sasso is a comfortable piece to lean against to rest the back or the neck, but it can also be used as a footrest. The base of Sasso is finished with a special technical fabric created to fasten it to the Pad so that it will not slip. The Poggia-reni cushion can also be a comfortable pillow to relax the lower back or the head, depending on how you decide to use it.

All together, these four elements – carpet, pad, sasso and poggia-reni – constitute the Ensemble Caillou, a truly unique piece of design furniture that can certainly make your outdoor space more exclusive.

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