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B&B Italia Reinvents the Iconic Camaleonda System

The B&B Italia brand has updated a must have from its collection, originally designed by Mario Bellini in 1970.

We’re talking about Camaleonda, the iconic seating system that is back on the market after 50 years with a completely new language, new structural solutions and an added advantage for sustainability.

After being presented to the public for the first time in 1970, Camaleonda soon became an important part of design history. It has been in the limelight now for over five decades.

This product is a modular sofa that defined the aesthetics of interior design, and at the time, it received the immediate acclaim of the public and critics alike.

Presented also in the most important design museums and featured on sets of well-known films, the sofa has enjoyed many moments of pure celebrity status. Today, it seems to be destined to return to centre stage because it has been put into production again.

The new edition of Camaleonda preserves the elements that made it famous, but with a more contemporary accent. The close collaboration between Mario Bellini and B&B Italia made it possible to keep the 90x90 seat module, the backrest and the armrest to render the new model faithful to the original project.

Another unchanged feature is the generous polyurethane padding and the characteristic tufted upholstery, known as capitonné. Another lasting feature is the innovative system of ropes, hooks and rings, also invented by Bellini in 1970, which ensures that modules can be unhooked and repositioned as desired to adapt to different situations.

The only change that has been made was a complete redesign of the internal structure. The brand defines this as “sandwich” construction because it is made up of layers of easily disassembled recycled or recyclable materials. The seat base, the backrest and the armrests are instead made of wood panels. Furthermore, the sofa sets on the floor on a series of spherical feet in beech wood from FSC certified forests (FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council).

The most interesting aspect of this sofa is the seat, which has shaped elements that fit together to ensure that every layer interacts with the others to guarantee maximum comfort. The padding is in polyurethane with different densities, protected by a removable liner in Dacron, and it gives this sofa unmatchable comfort for a truly unique experience.

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